Making Money On Instagram

Relatively recently, Instagram photo hosting service has gained wild popularity. All those who quickly reacted and adjusted their business to a new social network did not fail. But, if you think that time is lost and all the opportunities are used, then this is not so. Promotion on Instagram goes to a new level, and this social network provides an opportunity not only to promote a ready-made business but also begin to earn money for beginners using remote work methods.

Using advertising

If you already have an Instagram account with live subscribers and their number is more than 100 thousand people, this allows you to advertise in your posts for a fee. For this, it is essential that your profile is live, promoted, and subscribers are active. If your account is not popular enough, then for its promotion you will need some means. Of course, there are free methods, such as mass follow and mass linking, but you should not expect quick results from them. There can be much fewer subscribers, and just income will also be less.

Trading via the function of the online store

At the end of 2016, Instagram introduced the function of the so-called “shopping tags,” with which trading networks can mark products on their photos, and users can buy them directly from the application. Initially, this function for earning was available only to US users, but every year the list of countries is expanding.

Your business + useful video

If you already have income in the form of your own business, but you are not yet using Instagram for advertising, then you should pay attention to this social network. Instagram has long been not just a social network for posting personal photos but a business tool. A promoted account can send you a relatively large stream of new customers. Promotion of a business profile can be entrusted to professionals, or you can improve it yourself, using both paid and free methods. Especially Instagram is perfect for various beauty salons, advertising, and sale of bouquets, multiple gifts. 

Likes, subscriptions, photo uploads, PR

You can promote not only your account but also other people’s business profiles. Of course, for this, it is necessary to know all the methods of promotion, undergo training, and improve regularly. But there are also special services that allow account holders to earn on likes, subscriptions, and subscribers. Such services help other bloggers at the very beginning of their promotion. But on Instagram, you will not make much! The primary income for everyone is brand advertising, PR of other users and, of course, advertising of their goods, services, trade. 

How to promote a page/blog + Video

It is believed that to promote your page/blog and start making money without attachments today is merely impossible. That will require huge budgets for advertising from bloggers, the official launch of a promotional project what you need to advance on Instagram on a considerable number of hashtags, that you should not rely on the result of promotion for about two months. There is the lion’s share of misconceptions. What exactly can be said is that you will have to work hard and diligently on an ongoing basis, but this does not mean that you cannot do without Instagram investments. Why is advertising money often spent the wrong way? A considerable number of people waste advertising budgets in vain. That is, it would be possible not to spend money at all, and the result would be the same as without crazy investments. Of course, not everything is so simple, and there are lots of examples of how someone successfully started earning money by launching advertisements on Instagram in the morning and getting their first orders by the evening of the same day. However, how many people do not talk about their bitter experiences? After all, no one wants to mention that today he spent 10,000 $ in vain joyfully. If you understand that many merge advertising budgets, then there is no desire to experiment blindly. So, if you are not sure about your product, have not tested the demand, are generally afraid to spend money on advertising on Instagram, then you can start promoting without investing! This is especially true for those who have a lot of time, but little money to conduct tests. 

Do you need agiotage? Do you want a line of customers? Then think about your thing. It is worth mentioning right away that the thing must be explicit and not far-fetched. For example, the statement that you are the best in the market, your dream team, and so on are not at all attractive to potential customers. The thing should be explicit, and therefore you can easily demonstrate it in your posts. For example, cool jewelry does not need advertising because they can be well sold! The thing will be the design itself, and, possibly, beautiful photos. Indeed, without a successful styling, sales can disappoint. Do you cook vegan food, but do not know how to monetize your account and make money on it? Come up with an exciting presentation, author’s headings, chef’s advice, and so on. You need to be different from the rest on Instagram, and the differences must necessarily affect the content. This is the essential secret of lightning-fast progress without a budget.

Experiment with content, but also do not forget about automated promotion services for making money. Of course, they give much less effect than 1-2 years ago, but they still work. So you need to focus only on cool content, and bots can do the rest of the work. 

How to increase audience engagement

These tips will help you to increase your income. Critical points for increasing channel user engagement: 

  1. Image quality. Images with people’s faces gain 38% of likes and 32% more comments than without them. Light models obtain 24% more likes than dark tones. 
  2. Text. It should be informative, but not overloaded. No one will read the vast number of words on Instagram. 3-4 paragraphs will be enough. Use emoji, break text into sections. 
  3. Engage your target audience only. It is it who allows you to get the maximum number of likes and messages. Do not use cheating, as fake subscribers negatively affect the rating of your accounts. 
  4. Contact the audience. Ask questions, respond to answers, stimulate discussions, exchange views. The number of comments on Instagram affects your rating. 
  5. Use hashtags. Publications with hashtags also increase engagement. 
  6. The right time for publication. The optimal time for posting on Instagram may vary depending on your audience and time zone. Usually, this is morning from 10 AM to 11 AM when everyone wakes up and checks the feed, and lunch is from 12:50 PM to 1:15 PM and the evening is from 9 PM to 10 PM.

About the author
Melisa Marzett, is not instagramable, but she spends a lot of time online due to writing, searching for information, reading, comparing, analyzing. Currently working as a freelance writer for cv building, she went through writing different materials on all kinds of themes. Along with writing, she loves traveling, live communication, trying new things, people doing anything with their hands and a cup of latte in the morning.