Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers in 2019!

Affiliate Marketing is a numbers game. The more traffic you drive to your affiliate marketing site/offer. The more money you will make!

But things aren’t exactly that simple when it comes to practice. Especially when starting your affiliate marketing journey, generating traffic may seems somehow difficult & expensive to get.

And that’s the part where most of the new affiliate marketers gets frustrating and struggle to find traffic source and offers to promote.

I’ve made a list of my top traffic sources for affiliate marketing that I will be using on 2019. At the end of this article I will share some pro tips to help you make money and scale your business.

Search Traffic:

Search traffic is one of the most targeted traffic sources. There are two kinds of it.

Organic Traffic: It is free traffic that comes from search engines listing results, and when it’s done right. It can generate Thousands of targeted clicks monthly.

Organic Traffic conversion rates is 7x times higher when a users comes from search listing than from a paid ad.

Users consider organic listing as “trustworthy” because, apparently, they know you can’t pay for that listing.

Paid Search: aka PPC ads. Is where you pay Search Engine to list your website on top of search results on specific keywords you chose.

Paid search can be challenging and require big budget to work. but when you find the right frequency it will be very profitable and scalable.

Here are some of top Search Engines:

  • Bing
  • Baidu
  • Gigablast
  • DuckDuckGa
  • Yandex
  • Yahoo

Social media:

Social media advertising is another great way to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. See it this way! Social Media are platforms that gather a huge number of people. Different age and consumer categories in one place.

For the most part, these sites focus on audience targeting. This means that you really have to do your research and understand your demographics.


No.1 channel of paid traffic. You don’t need extensive knowledge in the field of programming for efficient placement of advertising. Extremely powerful analytics and operation system are ready to do almost everything for you.


All official targeted advertising on Instagram goes through Facebook. It is not even necessary to have an account in Instagram, but a Facebook account and an official page for your business are needed. Prohibited materials: drugs, tobacco, adult products, images “before” and “after”, etc. 


Popular microblogging service. 319 million people around the world make the audience. Twitter ads has a high conversion rates and level of involvement, low competition and low cost.


Video hosting with extremely powerful advertising opportunities and an exceptionally wide coverage. It is possible to place videos, banners and text advertising. YouTube is available in 73 countries and in 61 languages.


Social Internet service, photo hosting, allowing users to add images and put them in thematic collections online. The USA, Great Britain, and India make the main audience, 85% of users are women.


Social news site where users can post links to any information on the Internet. One of the most popular sites all over the world: 6th by attendance, 54% of users are Americans. 

Gambling, financial offers, drugs, online games can be promoted.


Social network with a young audience (18-24-year-old), marked by brand loyalty and very high activity. Main coverage – the US and Europe. More than 180 million active users.

Mobile traffic:

Mobile traffic is an extremely profitable, Mobile traffic in the world reaches 56%, users are practically not protected by ad blockers and are more receptive to the ads. The main features are a button with a call to action and more stringent requirements for the visual imagery.


One of the best advertising networks in terms of volume, quality of traffic, interface, tracking, advertising formats, and management. Can perfectly convert almost any vertical.


Oriented at the advertising in the mobile applications (in-app). A great source of mobile traffic. Ad formats: 360 degrees, virtual reality, native videos, cross-page, and interactive ads.


Advertising network that offers the following formats: banners, video ads, multimedia ads, and mobile advertising. Traffic is cheaper compared to other RTB networks.


European advertising network that provides worldwide coverage and more than 15 billion impressions per month. 

Clickunder, Pop-up, Popunder

Popup (Popunder) is an advertising banner that appears when you open a page and hides the central part of the screen. If you close it forcibly, the site of the advertiser will open in a new tab.

Clickunder is very similar to popup, but there is no visible banner. The advertiser’s website automatically opens in a new tab when you first click anywhere on the page.


Popular ad network that offers quick launch. Very simple interface that allows you to easily understand everything without speaking English. All sites are manually moderated.


Works all over the world. Accept sites with high-quality content only.  They offer solutions for multi-channel advertising. The format of advertising should be optimized for each channel.

PPV traffic

PPV is pay per each view of the website. This is almost the same as pop-traffic: the site opens under the browser window, but such traffic is considered malicious with Intrusive advertising (spyware/adware). Advertising networks provide free software and online tools to millions of users, for which, in turn, they receive advertising. This traffic is suitable for desktop computers only.

The quality is quite high because advertisers find an audience by keywords and specific sites from certain niches. The cost is relatively low, sometimes you can get views for 1 cent.

Propel Media

Propel Media is the most popular and leading CPV network, the platform for both contextual text-link and display advertisement. This network delivers most of the high-quality traffic with a high purchase intent. Propel Media provides you with the best customer care services and easy to use interface with which you can optimize your ads within few seconds as per your requirements.

RTX Platform

RTX Platform (50onRed) is the favorite PPV traffic source for affiliate marketer. RTX Platform offers worldwide targeting at a very low price it can be as low as $0.002 per view. RTX Platform not just offer PPV traffic they also have InText and Display traffic which you can promote from same advertiser interface, you don’t need the separate budget for InText and Display Ads.

Display (media) advertising

Pay per click on the ad. This type of advertising allows you to attract a large amount of traffic in a short time. The success of a campaign depends on many factors: relevance, niche, interaction experience, landing pages, creatives (banners, video, audio). Suitable for branding.

Google Display

Leader of display advertising. Coverage is more than 2 million sites and more than 650 thousand applications.


The platform that sells advertising space on thousands of quality sites in all legal niches, and allows you to choose a better placement and instantly start working. 


Cross-channel advertising platform that attracts more than 40 million users every month and owns thousands of high-load websites.

Native advertising

Native advertising is advertising in the format of integration of ads to the theme of the site, usually presents a combination of image and text. Looks like editorial content on the site. Obtains the shape and characteristics of the platform it is placed on. It is not like the usual advertising, so, in theory, should not cause a sense of rejection among readers, and also helps to avoid banner blindness.


Top platform for posting content on top media sites as “promoted stories”. Gives a large coverage of high-quality audience. Algorithm for determining those sites where the proposed content will attract the largest number of readers is presented.


Top native teaser network with one of the largest coverage — 1 billion unique visitors per month. Works with ”white” advertising only.


NATIVO is a native advertising platform that works primarily with traffic from the United States. Advertising is selected in accordance with the format of the site for a higher conversion.


It is a major media giant (Yahoo and AOL) that specializes in all kinds of digital and mobile communications. Coverage — 1 billion users per month.


One of the largest native advertising platforms. Offers more than 300 million unique users. Has the highest safety rating.


  • high-quality traffic
  • high level of coverage
  • standard and own ad formats 
  • wide target settings
  • automatic selection of sites for advertising
  • minimum budget – $50

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t count on one traffic source. Run multiple offers, multiple campaigns on different traffic sources.
  • Communicate with your Affiliate Manager about top converting offers. and what type of traffic will perform well of your offer. Also your affiliate manager will help with traffic targeting and audience.
  • Use retargeting and list building to cut down expenses and increase ROI.
  • Build a solid Marketing Strategy & Funnel that include different related offers to maximize profit.
  • Don’t give up when things don’t work well. Just adjust changes to your plan, split test.

Most Importantly make sure your are keeping track of your numbers: Clicks, Leads, Sales & Conversion. this way you will be killing it with affiliate marketing.